About Us


Kesel is committed to sustainability as a company—in planning and construction. From minimising site waste to recommending building materials, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our business while at the same time improving the quality of the projects we create for our clients.


To help reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources we work together with planners, engineers and architects to create structures that encourage sustainability during the life-cycle of a building. We explore such options as efficient heating and cooling systems, alternative energy sources, and environmental friendly waste management systems. During planning and construction we encourage the use of alternative energy sources and recycled building materials.


Together with others in our industry, at Kesel we desire to lessen our impact on the environment as we conduct business, and also increase the longevity and quality of what we build to ultimately improve the lives of current and future generations in the communities in we operate.


We believe that when it comes to "Sustainability" we need to do more than just "talk the talk."


Kesel Construction, Hanley Buildings, Claregalway. Co. Galway. Phone: 00353 91 395724 :: email: info@kesel.ie

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