As a general building and civil engineering contractor, Kesel has extensive experience in commercial construction in both the private and public sectors. The company has built a reputation for quality construction and timely completion schedules assured by in-house professionals capable of self-performing survey engineering, excavation, concrete, carpentry general construction. Kesel routinely provide the following services to meet our customer needs.



Kesel Construction understand the benefits and requirements of pre-planning prior to commencement of a project, we therefore offer the following services to clients and design teams on any pending projects to insure projects run on time and on budget.

Budget estimating

Value engineering

Constructability reviews

Competitive bidding

Traffic management plans

Construction logistic plans

Guaranteed maximum price

Materials and building systems analysis



Kesel approach to a project after commencement involves a detailed management procedure to insure that the project remains on programme and budget. We provide the following services during the construction period.


Project management


On-site progress meetings

Environmental, health and safety plans

Quality control and quality assurance

Construction logistic services



Kesel Construction continue providing a service following the completion of the project and these services include the following

Systems commissioning

Warranty service

As-built plans and specifications

Operations and maintenance manuals



Kesel Construction possess a management team who have experience in Construction Logistics. Kesel have been involved in a number of projects where we have provided the following services.

Construction logistics plans

Delivery scheduling

Consolidation centres

Traffic management

Material handling and distribution

Site welfare designs and installation